Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Ribbons Review is a website dedicated to saving people money!

Our purpose is to provide a place where people can find excellent discounts on amazing products! We display heavily-discounted products from many websites. Whether you are a customer looking for cost-effective merchandise or a seller who wants to offer their discounted products to others so as to increase sales, Blue Ribbons Review is the choice for you!

Blue Ribbons Review started as a Facebook review group and after much success it has expanded to one of the most popular websites on the internet! Co-Founders Alex Arezzini and Jack Stanley teamed up to create a site that hooks you up with the best deals out there. Good shopping!

Simple: just search our Deals page and find the discount you’re looking for. Once you’ve located the product you’re interested in purchasing, click on the product. You will then be taken to the website that’s offering the discount. Purchase the product and that’s it!

No. Get these great deals with no strings attached!

In the past, before Amazon changed its policies regarding review, Blue Ribbons Review would have their customers write honest reviews for products they received at a discount. This is no longer the case. Whether or not you write a review for discounted products you buy is completely up to you. It is not required to write reviews.

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